A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This is a remake of first chapter of Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Amnesia: The Dark Descent is created by Frictional Games.

I've used original models and effects from the original Amnesia: The Dark Descent game, and some textures are used from Amnesia: The Dark Descent Remastered Mod, as they did a terrific job upscaling and detailing textures.

First chapter of Amnesia: The Dark Descent is available freely as a demo. I've recreated the first chapter with new cinematic sequences and other events. Original features like detailed object interaction, collision sounds, breakables and items are there; and I've added some new upgrades like a full body Daniel, cloth simulation for banners, and spatial sound system that original game lacked. This also puts a stop to Amnesia in Unity discussion. 

Thea idea came from that even though the game is more than 10 years old now, with a new touch and some upgraded graphics, it'd still hold today.

Here some examples:

This has been a great experience for me and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Also, I've written a detailed post about what and how I did creating this demo. It's like a making of, so give it a read!

Türkçe versiyonu (Turkish version)
English version (İngilizce versiyonu)


Version: 0.1.2

  • Removed unnecessary debug info
  • Interactable objects has better collision detection
  • Breakable objects has better collision detection when broken
  • Wooden chair broken pieces are no longer interactable
  • Removed bright flash from display case
  • Rose petal particle optimization and timing updated

Version: 0.1.1
Date: 14/03/2021

  • Added dynamic Depth of Field
  • Updated lightning
    • Candles are not bright as much
    • Level is not as dark as much
    • Fixed light flicker effect on candles and fireplace with correct variables
    • Fixed gallery event still being too bright
  • Updated interaction key prompt visuals to match
  • Particle performance and visual improvements
  • Door opening mouse movement reversal at each side
  • Fixed gallery event where door wouldn't close
  • Fixed Daniel's head clipping into camera
  • Fixed an already lit candle still being interactable

Version: 0.1.0
Date: 13/03/2021

  • Initial release


AmnesiaTheDarkDescentRemake_0.1.3.zip 939 MB
AmnesiaTheDarkDescentRemakeLinux_0.1.3.zip 992 MB

Install instructions

Both Windows and Linux builds are 64-bit only. 
Linux build is only supported on Ubuntu LTS installations, it may work on other distros but not guaranteed.  

Development log


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I broke a LOT of things I feel like but it was super enjoyable! Thank you for the experience and I hope y’all enjoy my video >u<


Thank you, it's nice to see this is still relevant. I hope you and your viewers enjoyed it!


will you ever make this a full game

Remaking full-game without any monetary and/or partnership incentive is near impossible as considering just creating the first level from scratch took me more than a month. 

Yes, the basic gameplay is there now, so it's generally a matter of constructing the levels, however what requires most time is to script the game, not the gameplay & logic. 

It is possible to add until the end of water level, though, I'll work on that when I have time, and possibly update the game and engine for better performance & visuals.

did you used Horror FPS KIT asset?

Yes, it's an old and modified version. I might update to the latest but currently there is no point I guess. 

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the creators of Amnesia should Remake Amnesia The Dark Descent it was scary as hell when i first played and seen it from PewDiePIe my favorite Horror Game still and it looks pretty good on the screenshots and bad news it dont my PC is ass


Was super fun to revisit the game! The whole HD quality and blur and everything was well done and it really felt like a new game but very similar as well! 

Thank you for playing! It was fun to watch. Though I presume you were expecting a few more levels, at least with some monsters so, sorry about that. I kinda feel like I let people down with such a short thing.


Oh no worries at all! You've done your best with what you did and that's what matters. To be honest, I was just happy and expecting to going back to playing this game, and you completely delivered on that. If you do work on the game more, then take your time with it and do it at your own pace!

Thank you very much for your kind words! It means a lot to me.

I'll definitely look into incorporating second chapter. 


Желаю удачи в дальнейшей разработке игры

Thanks a lot! It was fun to watch!

I don't think I'll ever complete the rest of the game, but I think I can add the second level of the demo.